Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chore Chart!

Member me!  I made a chore chart for my entitled ungrateful kids... I kid but they have been frustrating me with thinking a fairy comes in through the night and cooks and cleans everything!

So here it is...

Wanted to do the close up of the sticky fabric but fail it looks like a whore chart... lol!

This is where Mom and Dad can give buttons for good behaviour and take them away for bad behaviour!  At 10 buttons we can issued rewards!

 This is where odd jobs and tasks will become available with a little bit of cash attached to them!

 I have extra clips and pins in the tin and some cards with odd jobs on them and some blank, in case we need them.

Here are the daily chores... just the basics. When they do them, they can move the clothes pin from the do side to the done side!

Trying to get a close up of the pins and this little bugger couldn't stay away from the camera! Gosh I love her!

Here is a close up Jack's daily tasks on clothes pins!

Had so much fun making this! Used some cricut, studio calico paper, american crafts thickers, MME paper and papertrey buttons!