Saturday, October 29, 2011

2SF's Friendzy Friday!

The last FF of October... I probably should have done Halloween but my mind is so on Christmas as I ramp up for the move and think about decorating our new home!

I have looked for little glassine bags everywhere and they are hard to find, so I made some!

I made this little treat bag for Jackson... it is safe to spill on the ground cause it is just trail mix! :)

I used these supplies... parchment paper, glue stick, ribbon, stamps, ink, pattern paper.

I measured out an 8: x 9" piece of parchment.
Fold into an 8" x 6" piece by folding in 3"
Then fold the other side in 2" to make an 8" x 4" rectangle.
Pink both ends with pinking sheers.

Next you need to glue the 2 flaps together.
Fold up the bottom and glue down.
Then I stamped the front with a few flakes.
Folded down the top and punched two holes for ribbon.

Then I made a cute little tag...

Filled it up with trail mix and tied it up with ribbon!

I think he will love it!


Unknown said...

Excellent idea and super cute to boot !
Love the font set you used :)

Avril Tanner said...

Such a great idea!!!

Charlene Austin said... made the bag?? Brilliant! What a cute idea!

But hello let's talk about the big question at hand that PYREX???!!!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS! I love how you showed how to make the bag, they look like those (expensive) PTI glassine bags. I'm also loving that flowery ball in the background. Too cool!

Tracey said...

This is fabulous Dee!! Yay for you on making the bag!!

Rosanne said...

So cute!

Regan said...

aren't you a smarty pants

Anonymous said...

OMG Girl you ARE creative! These are awesome and I never would have thought of that!

Unknown said...

So CUTE!! Love your homemade bag!

(-: Heidi

Christa said...

Amazing! I will be making these with my kids! Thanks for sharing!

farmhouse-story said...

you clever girl--love this! and your tag is too cute, dee!

Joanne said...

Great tutorial Dee!
Joanne xo