Friday, November 16, 2012

My Jar is Full Layout!

I won't gush but I am a very happy person right now. Here is a short list...

1. Family... my kids are such a great age right now, so fun!
2. Job... also going really well!
3. House... I love love love every room of my new house! 
4. Friends... I have a lot of really great women in my life! 
5. Season... the Christmas planning, shopping, baking and crafting have begun!

Enough about all that... here is my layout!


a close up of the journalling and the fabric flowers i misted and made.



Tracey said...

Love this Dee! The design is gorgeous and I love the colours!

Jayne said...

You're sure rockin the doubles! Another great LO.

Rosanne said...

Wonderful layout! So glad you are happy!

Sharon said...

Happy for you Dee! And love what you did with those fabric flowers!

Avril Tanner said...

Love this layout and how it captures your feelings!

Joanne said...

I just love the photos on this page! Sweet!
Joanne xo

Anonymous said...

Dee, I love these two page ones, they are so awesome!