Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Scrap Haven!

Well this is my little corner of the world. I keep all my scrapbook and card making stuff here and love to just go play or create! I never thought I would be a scrapbooker but the paper alone makes me happy! It is so beautiful!
I used one of Bob's organizers from the garage for small embellishments. Baskets for ribbons. Containers for ink pads and misc stamps.
Please don't judge... lol! This is my filing system for stickers!
This metal thing holding my paper is a storage unit for a teens room and I just reconfigured it! Presto chango 12" x 12" paper storage! My scrapbook magazines and stamp catalogues are there for inspiration!
I am still working on organizing these shelves... that is why I scrap with my back to them! :)
This is my table... thanks to you Barb for this awesome early birthday gift! I use it a lot!
Well thanks for visiting!